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Total Quadrants is distributed as a 30 day free trial. To keep playing past the 30 day trial limit, you need to purchase a license certificate. This license certificate registers your copy of Total Quadrants and removes the 30-day trial restriction. It is valid for all present and future 1.x versions of Total Quadrants. Thus, you can easily upgrade for the foreseeable future at no additional cost. Each certificate may be used on up to 3 computers of the registered certificate holder.

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Total Quadrants is a great game for developing your intuitive and mind-to-mind communication abilities. It's also a lot of fun.

Now, it's very easy for all to rediscover their true capabilities. Just sit back and effortlessly play to unlock the intuitive potential of your mind.

You'll be surprised at what insights you will receive when you learn to recognize and trust your intuition.




Playing Total Quadrants together can also be a very fulfilling experience on your spiritual journey.

Joining together in the quest for truth is a very worthy endeavor. And, this game is a useful tool toward that end.

Peace and happiness to all those who seek to know their true oneness to each other and to God. All intuitive understanding flows from this universal link.




Total Quadrants is fun for all ages. It's never too early to learn about your intuitive potential. To think intuitively is to think with God. This way is the natural way, and it is a much easier and stress free path than trying to think on your own.

Children start out very close to God in cognition. However, it seems that many drift away from this simplicity of thought as they grow older.

With Total Quadrants, they have a simple and entertaining tool to help them stay focused on the truth of their being--their being one with God.


With Total Quadrants, you don't experience the stress and strain associated with other video games. Other games can leave you feeling empty inside. However, this game's purpose is for learning about the Truth, about God.

There is great peace and fulfillment that comes with having a true purpose.

That is the goal of Total Quadrants: to help you find your true peace, to help you find your true power, to reconnect you with the awareness of God's everpresent help. This awareness brings a much happier and carefree vision of the world, a world where God's Love and guidance is always with us.


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